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About us
Committed to providing公市 customers with high-quality customiz通媽ed products and services
Company Profile
HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP is a comprehensi站慢ve group company focusi動離ng on the production, research and術分 development, trade and 務很service of equipment and materials 站湖in the fields of pe女現troleum, mining 水很and chemical industry. After year這路s of unremitting efforts and 麗物development, it h喝秒as been in the leading position in遠藍 the industry. Headquartered in Be動身ijing, the Group has several research坐照 and development, production, trade黑在 and warehousing 畫雜branches, and i從舞ts production ba學拍ses are located 男你in Hebei, Shanxi, T校自ianjin and other regions. Based on the 還聽key exploration and dev家藍elopment of foreign ma空要rkets, the Group h鐘下as also established sev體朋eral branches in R物老ussia, Kazakhstan and other cou空視ntries and regions.
Business segment
Key customers
Products and services
Business layout
Through the introduction and 姐師digestion of foreign advanced technol問工ogies, HAIHUA INDUSTRY GRO這腦UP has formed three major developme又吃nt directions that mainly include ups道子tream drilling and production, d弟坐ownstream oil refining and petrochemi文低cal, natural gas chemical an樂件d special businesses throug相靜hout the entire oil ind開子ustry chain. In addi刀路tion, Haihua Gr票麗oup and its subsidiaries have passed IS身校O, HSE, API and other ce國嗎rtification license工我s with high quality.
production base
Its production base is located in報樹 Hebei, Shanxi, Tianjin and othe照風r regions. Based on the文志 key exploration黃如 and development一音 of foreign markets, the 農來Group has also estab上但lished several branches in拍河 Russia, Kazakhstan and oth分美er countries and regions.
Headquartered in Beijing分熱, the Group has several research and de林到velopment, production, t鐵說rade and warehousin員相g branches, and its production ba森木ses are located in He北要bei, Shanxi, Tianjin 舊有and other regions. Based on the 新知key exploration an好討d development of foreign mar來鄉kets, the Group has a土讀lso established several branches in R件文ussia, Kazakhstan and 請那other countries and r好也egions.
Company qualification
With all the Haih新煙ua people should場年ering heavy responsibilitie匠鐵s and fighting hard, the Group's ind務件ustrial structure has been con師兒tinuously optimized and upgraded, i老都ts business performance has impr用錯oved by leaps and bounds, and its c時兒ore competitiveness has been sign我吧ificantly improved. Through 姐做the introduction and digestion of for草離eign advanced technologies, HAIHU車筆A INDUSTRY GROUP has formed t我離hree major develop火樂ment directions that mainly include ups報計tream drilling 劇從and production, downstream oil機金 refining and petrochemical, natural 農資gas chemical and special bu鐵飛sinesses throughout the說話 entire oil industry chain筆作. In addition, HAIHUA 報土INDUSTRY GROUP an地區d its subsidiaries have passed ISO, 線是HSE, API and other ce路區rtification licenses wi多少th high quality.
Work Safety Standardization CERTI可長FICATE
Certificate of Members吧木hip CCCME
CSAIII Certificate
Qualification certificate
corporate culture
Carrying history, standing on t紅冷he present and opening the futur做日e
Committed to providing cust喝呢omers with high-qualit劇答y customized products and serv笑女ices
Mission is the company's decl遠人aration of exis紙吃tence. It clearly describes the signifi公嗎cance of the existence of Haihu購黃a Group and is a choice for the social去如 value and work significance of Haihu黃好a Group.
Become the most trusted and respe放弟cted multinational enterprise相南 in the industry事樂
The vision depi校湖cts a beautiful 書工blueprint for the ove話慢rseas Chinese to shoulder their mi作就ssion and move forward t月紅o the future. It美地 is the hope and pur資大suit that everyone expects睡知, is willing to work for, 關下and can be approached step by step t飛亮hrough efforts.
Core values
Customer-centered, 樂劇honest and cooperative, pragm報弟atic and efficie看劇nt, passionate and enterprising
Core values
The core values are the 生有basic beliefs that Haihua 個讀Group advocates in廠學 the process of ba麗志sing on its mission and pursu低見ing its vision. They are a ser離輛ies of basic principles a得筆nd creeds that guide the behavior of 什朋Haihua Chinese. They answer the qu農厭estion of "匠費how do we do it".
Brand slogan
The sea embraces all kinds of rivers
Brand slogan
"The sea embraces all rivers, and技是 the year of China last頻愛s forever" is the brand sl快花ogan of Haihua Group.
We recruit talented people, 紙黃treat people with leni舞拿ency, and accept現有 excellent talents fr男愛om all over the world with a br街水oad mind.
Our passion will 跳事stay forever, our foundation行醫 will be evergreen, and從爸 we will gather the s我銀trength of our youth to p物師romote the cause of弟兒 Haihua to excellenc熱女e.
Development history
Based on chemical trade, HAI信風HUA INDUSTRY GROUP's first office was o年計fficially established in Moscow.見友
Hebei Haihua Energy Technolog司市y Development Co., Ltd. was officially 朋熱established in Shijiazhuang, foc公說using on providing customized products 我車and services to users in the refin低低ing and petrochemical i音兒ndustries in Russia and o錯務ther CIS countries.
HAIHUA INDUSTRY 報暗GROUP was formally esta市年blished, the group hea樂冷dquarters moved用見 from Shijiazhua分得ng to Beijing, the core 放湖business extended to oil and ga器農s equipment and 來身materials, electricity, mining and oth影一er fields, forming the origi店我nal four trading bu章習siness segments.
In order to acc拍遠elerate the extension d司自evelopment, Machtec (Tia見吃njin) Petroleum Equipment Co.Ltd相房., was established in Wuqin舞朋g District, Tianjin City. Bas笑亮ed on the production and manufacturin熱報g of oil and gas equipme科森nt and oilfield serv睡海ices, it has officially become an數費other strategic 朋可business segment of HAIHUA 地吃INDUSTRY GROUP. Its products incl少時ude 4 series of more than雜森 40 products, including solid c火紅ontrol equipment, scre科說w drilling tools, tools, 金做and vibrating screens. It h說資as multiple patents and開多 has been rated as a national hi雨爸gh-tech enterprise.
On the basis of success銀近ful completion of Talakan (Russia線鐘) and Kaluga (Russia) t民電wo major foundation reconstruction 校腦and expansion projects,離化 we continue to deepen the field of sp間唱ecial construction. The establis器他hment of TIANJIN HONGYA CONSTRUC費嗎TION ENGINEERING C樂厭O. LIMITED. in Wuqing又紙 District of Tianjin m什訊arks that special constru長綠ction has offici兵雜ally become one of the three 不大business segments of the company. 笑算We take "excellent quality, lea機國ding efficiency and customer satisfac大自tion" as our 聽兒policy. Committed to qu姐算ality and efficie就開nt completion of each construction p員人roject.
HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP has opened up說刀 the upstream, midstream, a學低nd downstream of the traditional店影 energy field, penetrating森刀 the entire petroleum industry習聽 chain, and ultimately forming three 商視main business devel鐘一opment directions數遠.
1. General Engineeri車樹ng Contract
2. Trade and services
3. Equipment manufacturing
HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP undertook the con見男struction project of Komsom哥我olsk Refinery in Amur, which is a中算 Sino-Russian cooperat學市ion project in the field of energy in 還火the context of the Belt and Road. The是很 project was successfully c和現arried out, marking the Group's st上黑eady and high-speed development in the 費又field of special engineering construct吃生ion.
The business of HAIHUA INDUST刀吃RY GROUP has developed rapidly, formin黑光g five main busin也空ess chains, includi湖動ng upstream drilling development and s筆也ervices, downstream petrochemic媽這al engineering, petrochemical processes很西 and catalysts, pe聽行trochemical equipment,還美 mining equipment and services.
HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP is headquarte雨城red in Beijing, with multiple resear光光ch and developme放喝nt, production, tr冷看ade, and warehousing br醫著anches. Its prod慢費uction bases ar見朋e located in Hebei, Shan低少xi, Tianjin, and other regions. 信你Based on the key exploration a光件nd development of foreign markets, the 務議Group has also established multiple bra高長nches in Russia, Kazakhstan, and o北厭ther countries and r雨短egions.
Future plans
Persistent striving for f有得urther development.