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In the context of the rapid dev花呢elopment of China's oil refining, petr愛影ochemical and chemic知拍al technology, Haihua Group has alw愛愛ays regarded these f有爸ields as strategic areas, and is c相路urrently actively carryi大也ng out technical rese拍厭arch, development and product說很ion of catalysts and adsorb店討ents. We activel你習y develop and improve飛身 production techno風從logy, develop new products, and stri內我ve to continuously improve the 機好performance of catalysts. At present有中, Haihua Group s火站pecializes in the productio化輛n of more than 200 brands of catalysts 日玩and adsorbents, coverin視技g 80% of petroleum refin湖些ing, petrochemical還美 and chemical industries.