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Human resources
We recruit talents, treat others wit外得h leniency, and 理場accept excellent tal區問ents from all over the world with a物物 broad mind
Human resources policy
Training and development
Salary and benefits
Human resources policy
HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP is an inter身鄉national company. For talents, th懂身e future career paths at HAIHUA 姐風INDUSTRY GROUP are rich慢商 and diversified. HAIHUA INDUSTRY 電這GROUP can provide for you unlimited po知化ssibilities to play your p裡去rofessional role and help us create t數匠he future together.
Our strategic goal is to build a te紙藍am with high enthusiasm for 跳微work. We set ambitious goals生舊 for ourselves, which can o商可nly be achieved by a子到 united team. Today,日關 the company employs experts 火鐘from Russia, the United Sta廠信tes, Canada, Ukraine, 的看China and other cou花問ntries.
At HAIHUA INDUST路數RY GROUP, we ca樹遠n create the futu民員re through professional products, high-子銀quality services and lea件樹ding-edge technology. Professionals火離 in business and product自議 technology are at the core of th筆商is creative process. We遠去 need not only profes熱近sionals, but also those 姐上who have a strong desire to con書照tinue to develop new methods and purs愛輛ue excellence in 討文their fields of work.
Training and development
Vocational trai師老ning:
The company attaches great importance 章船to the training and developme是務nt of employees and actively stri他冷ves to create a rich and pleasant lear技我ning environment. The company's讀雨 vocational training is no看師t only to help employees to be co化睡mpetent for their own刀火 work, but more文化 importantly, it is commited to guid舞外ing employees and their 筆拿teams to prepare for future developme算書nt and possible opportunities.
Career development:
HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP 要從has opened a tw腦兵o-way promotion channe司朋l for employees, which com訊著bines with the j靜舊ob requirements to enable employees w些技ith management abil務裡ity and potential妹懂 can become mana算輛gers smoothly. At the same time,喝國 it also enables those who d海黑evote themselves to business and te照了chnology to become business expert鐵歌s smoothly through their own efforts, 什黃providing broad development space f文化or employees' caree笑喝r development.
Salary and benefits
The company provides employees信腦 with highly competi現開tive salary trea兵學tment, builds the company空裡's salary system based on the pr窗日inciples of competitive舞冷ness, motivation遠刀, fairness, tendentiousness and econo務東my. Through the internal incentive m通玩echanism and salar地銀y adjustment mechanism, the perform生議ance of employee但離s is closely linked w劇讀ith the remuneration return, so as to 很睡ensure that excellent employee們關s get more recogni銀水tion and incentive.
The company provides employees with a 雪聽variety of welfare programs,放河 including shuttle buses and dormitori開樹es, tourism and vacations, health chec市村kups, holiday and知來 birthday gifts, spe票金cial meals, fre多站e tea and drinks, etc;
In addition to the annual leave, 員時marriage leave, maternity lea外花ve and other holi好訊days stipulated by law, employees can 短子also enjoy the comp金月any's welfare annual leave to 下學ensure the balance between wor開跳k and life of employees.
Name of position
Professional requirements
Number of recruits
Key Account Sales Manager (overseas)
Russian, marketingother majo計內rs
Bachelor degreeabove in unified en樹請rollment
Job requirements:
More than 5 years of 年下sales experience in Russiaot樂公her CIS countries; Famili雜這ar with international trade practice場要operation, fluent in Russian, able t請懂o accept work abroa朋說d
1: Bachelor degreeabove in u術話nified enrollment, Russian, market輛照ingother majors are preferred;
2. Have more than 5 years of s市務ales experience in Russiaother CIS 下到countries; Familiar with 白話international trade pract員話iceoperation, flue新紅nt in Russian, able機兵 to accept work abroad.
Application method:
Send resume to: 拍鐵
Email subject: 藍會name+applied position
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