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Oilfield Services
The company has built well-雪小established service bases in major o銀子il-producing regions內鄉 such as Russia, Central Asia, and th紙唱e Middle East, which can 路睡provide customers with c鐘說onvenient and pro鐘大fessional services.The main busi子章ness includes technical co讀事nsulting, project management, drilling志草, workover, com吧車pletion, directiona知有l and drilling m亮城easurement, geological l理玩ogging, coiled tubing services, 我公solid control and oilfield environm請海ental protection equipment, downhole to道麗ols and other technical ser藍相vices and product sup哥要ply.
Success cases
Carrying history做物, standing on the present a下說nd opening the future